Animals have been my guardians and teachers my entire life. From the smallest of roly poly bugs to the largest of domesticated animals they have been my friends and family since I was a small child. I have always cherished this connection with my animal companions as they never judge me, always making me laugh and leave me in wonder at the depth of their love. My animal companions have broken my heart many times over with their passing, only to return into a new life to be with me again in this life, which is mind-blowing to me.

My teacher, Odie

When I began my spiritual journey of becoming a healer, I one day found myself intuitively communicating to my dog Odie, a dachshund rescue mix, during meditation. I was sitting quietly and began feeling grief. Tears began running down my face as I intuitively saw images of puppy Odie being kicked in the chest by a man because he was a barking. I realized I was communicating with Odie. I was humbled that he trusted me enough to share those experiences with me for his healing. This began my path in becoming an animal communicator with Odie as my teacher.

Odie has taught me all about animal communication, how we each have an animal guide helping us facilitate it, and how all animal communication comes through the heart. He once said to me, “I won’t talk to that lying part of you” meaning the false ego mind. As a healer, Odie has helped me to learn how to help animals heal the deepest traumas of abandonment and abuse, plus separation anxiety and other behavior issues. In that way he has been the ‘worst behaved dog’ in order to teach me what I needed to learn! I am grateful for that, I think, lol!

What I’ve learned over the years is that when an animal moves in front of your view it is communicating with you. We have never learned to pay attention and listen, and now we can!  It’s not just your fur babies talking to you, but also wild animals have inspiring messages to help you in life. We can build a partnership of healing with the animals in our lives so everyone can heal and grow.

Animals are our teachers and healers helping us through life if we will only open our awareness to hear them. Imagine knowing when they don’t feel good and asking them how you can help. Imagine your cat cracking a joke and you both laughing at it. Imagine a praying mantis telling you how truly beautiful you are to uplift your spirit. Imagine a tiny knat telling you to get over yourself when feeling confused. Imagine your dog showing you what you need to heal through their own behaviors. We are all aware of our pet’s unconditional love. You can take that relationship much deeper just as you do with a human family members and be amazed at how your life shifts into pure joy.

This is the gift that animal communication and guidance provides.

As an Emissary to the Animal Kingdom I am here to support you and your animal companions on your journey into animal communication and healing the wounds of the past. Everyone can communicate with all living beings if you’re willing to learn and expand your awareness to see, hear and feel the animal conversations around you.

As the founder of the Padicma Advanced Healing Systems for People and Animals through Christ, I invite you to learn how you can heal together with your pet. Our furry angels are helping to guide our way in our own personal healing. Check out the training courses available and learn how to communicate and heal with your pet.

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I wish you and your animal companions a life of true love, health and happiness!

Here’s to your new furry beginnings!

Suzanne Thibault
Founder, Padicma Healing System™ for People and Pets,
Animal Communicator, Padicma Advanced Master Healer


A Free Mini-Course!

A Free Mini-Course!

Stop worrying about your pets and start communicating with them!

This free course will set you on track to understanding what your pet is trying to tell you. It features three easy to learn and implement techniques so you can begin sending and receiving messages with your pet.