Animal Communication Sessions

Our beloved pets are our teachers and healers. You can give them a voice through Animal Communication. Through Animal Communication all types of behavioral and physical illnesses can be healed. Once you have an encounter with your animal companions your relationship with each other and your family will improve in profound ways.

Animal Communication is a telepathic means by which we can communicate with our animal family members. All human beings are born with the ability of telepathy, but we are not consciously aware of this and it lies dormant inside us. We tend to use our telepathic ability unconsciously, such as when we think about a friend, the phone rings and it is that friend calling. Our minds label these types of experiences as ‘coincident.’ It is actually our telepathic ability at work.

Telepathy is the language of the heart. It is sometimes called intuition. It is not psychic ability. It is a language beyond our five physical senses. It is on a spiritual level that we can speak telepathically to our animal friends, through the exchange of thoughts, pictures and feelings. We are much more than our conscious minds.

The animals in our lives are constantly talking to us. We can recognize some of their moods, such as their happiness and sadness, through their behaviors. Their most important messages to us go unheard. Our lack of awareness of this fact has us leading a life of limitation. It is when we embrace animal communication and talk to the animals that we create a beautiful relationship with our animal family member(s).

Animal communication can be done anytime, anywhere. You do not have to be in the presence of the animal. You can even speak with animals that have passed over. It provides a strong avenue for helping animals with family relationships and to overcome illness and behavioral issues. Animals can actually know what is wrong with them. They are naturally intuitive, living through the heart with unconditional love. You can ask them how they are feeling and they will respond just as a human family member would who is asked the same question.

Communicating on the spiritual level with an animal brings about profound changes. When an animal is able to talk about their life, health or behavioral issues, it is empowering to the guardian to take action on behalf of their beloved animal. This can be extremely beneficial in augmenting veterinarian care.

Animal communication is a means to an end for health and behavioral problems. It provides messages from your animal to you to assist in understanding what is going on for them on a physical and emotional level. You become empowered to help your animal buddy. If you would like to communicate with your animal, please contact me. I would be honored to speak with your animal family member to support you in working through family, health or behavioral issues.

Please see the Values and Ethics in Animal Communication and Healing to discover how Suzanne works with animals.

Animal Communication Services
Animal Communication sessions are done via phone or Zoom video conferencing. The communication provides messages from the animal to the guardian on what the animal desires. All sessions are recorded for your deeper understanding.

To schedule an Animal Communication session below, securely prepay for your session using the PayPal button below. Once you finish check-out with PayPal you will be redirected to the Animal Communication Form to fill out and submit. Gift certificates are available – please contact me at (916) 426-8068 for these payment options. Once the form is received you will be contacted to schedule the appointment.

Animal Communication Registration Form

Animal Communication – $97 for 1 animal – remote via phone or Zoom;
$165 for two animals
-remote; $147 for 1 animal in-person Sacramento region only

45 minute animal communication session that communicates questions you have for one animal family member. Also for communicating with animals that have transitioned to spirit. We can address any health or behavioral issue so you have the answers you need.

Animal Communication

Here’s what clients are saying:

Susan, Tori and Smitty: Thank you Suzanne for your clear and compassionate communication with our beloved furry family members – our cats Tori and Smitty. I feel a greater sense of peace knowing Tori’s needs and wishes as she nears her time to pass on. I’m happy to know she is doing better than we and the vets thought, and that what we are doing is helping her. It also helps to understand how to support Smitty through Tori’s transition, knowing that Smitty is supporting Tori and us as well. I appreciate your loving and insightful communication with my animal family members.  

Norma and Jessy: Working with Suzanne has been truly delightful. She helped me learn about the soul-deep connection I share with my cat, Jasper, who died in July 2015. With her help I was able to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge peacefully when it was his time, recognize him when he returned to me a few short months later, and help him settle back into life with me in his new body as Jessy. Suzanne is compassionate and respectful of all life – it is so obvious to me she cares deeply about the animals and humans she works with.

Joy and Andy: Andy our 12 yr. old female lab mix, had been gaining weight and becoming sluggish.  She had developed a skin condition with spots all over her body where the skin fell out.  She had fatty tumors, hardened lumps and grape like encapsulated masses all over her body.  She was panting incessantly and drinking large amounts of water frequently. We thought this was part of the aging process but when the skin lesions did not clear we took her to the vet where they gave her antibiotics and ran some blood tests and told us that she had Cushing’s disease. Cushing’s disease occurs when the adrenal glands over produce the hormone corticosteroid. Cushing’s disease can be the result of natural degradation of the adrenal or pituitary gland. Treatment would require medicating her daily and at least monthly lab tests.  There was danger of causing the adrenal gland to stop working all together and then we would have to supplement with more medications. The vet wanted to know if we wanted to proceed with treatment.  We told them we would think about it and then when home and called Suzanne to see if she could clear it energetically.

Suzanne was able to completely remove the Cushing’s disease.  She found a tumor on the Pituitary gland which she had to work on for a couple more treatments and was successful at completely removing it.  She worked on some issues about her over eating too.   The results—It has been 2 weeks since Suzanne completed Andy’s treatment and the results are amazing!  We noticed right away that she started to look thinner, she stopped begging for food and eating the cats food. The water consumption decreased dramatically and the panting is back to normal.  The skin lesions are cleared and have not returned. Two grape-like encapsulated lesions on her face shriveled up like raisins, and at this point are half the size they were before the treatment.  She is starting to act more like a puppy every day. We are thrilled that Andy could be cleared of this disease without leaving the home or with medications and frequent blood draws to monitor effectiveness of medication.  It made our life easier and Andy’s life fuller.


A Free Mini-Course!

A Free Mini-Course!

Stop worrying about your pets and start communicating with them!

This free course will set you on track to understanding what your pet is trying to tell you. It features three easy to learn and implement techniques so you can begin sending and receiving messages with your pet.