Choose Love over Fear

I have recently learned something so mind blowing I’m reluctant to share it. However, when Spirit guides me to do something, I listen and take action. Hopefully this will help someone who is suffering with mental hijinks.

Once I stepped onto my spiritual path 11 years ago, I was plummeted into the world of heavy egoic activity. Negative thoughts were pervasive and self-shaming. I have been energetically attacked, choked and gagging for breathe, pushed into my garage door hitting my head and suffering a bad concussion, spilling hot water on myself burning my skin, pushed into walls while walking, and on and on.

It was an energetic attack affecting me mentally and physically and it scared me into silence. For years I hid and prayed for help. I began focusing into my heart and following my inner guidance, which helped a lot. My life flowed better when I did this. However, I was still being attacked energetically. Something was trying to hold me back in life, so I prayed and asked what it was. My friends didn’t seem to have it as rough as I did with the false ego energy. For some reason my ego felt like it was on steroids.

In serving clients I have encountered every sort of energetic entity you could imagine, and face them all fearlessly because I am Christ aligned. But this energy affecting my own life was something different, more intense, more evil. I prayed and asked what this energy was and why it was so persistent in my life.

When you ask, it is given, and the spiritual information appeared before me which blew my mind. This is why I don’t really want to talk about it – it goes deep down the rabbit hole. My disclaimer is when you read the information take in only what feels right for you and discard the rest. Each of us is at a different level of spiritual awareness. This is my truth because I have experienced it first hand.

So what is this causing chaos in my life? Don Juan Mastus, a shaman warrior who mentored shaman Carlos Castenada, explains it best in the book, “The Active Side of Infinity.”

Don Juan states:

“Indeed we are held prisoner! This was an energetic fact for the shamans of ancient Mexico. We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.”

The energy is called foreign installation or SuperEgo. You can google that and learn more. I like to call it Wetiko, a name given to this energy by the Cree Indians long ago. While I’ve known about Wetiko for a while, I was praying to know the source because I do not believe in the ‘devil.’ That’s how I learned that the source of this energy is outside forces from the cosmos.

It blew my mind to learn that there are outside forces at work inside our minds. My prayers have been answered but its not what I thought, lol. I learned we have our Divine Mind inside our heart and our Mental Mind inside our subconscious that has been hijacked. This is why we seek to live through the heart on a spiritual path.

The energy itself is inorganic in nature. It seems to have life force to it, but sometimes it feels void, empty, mechanical. It is a dark, insidious energy that can be seen and mastered through spiritual discipline. My own spiritual disciplines include aligning energetically to Christ’s love, light and divine truth, asking for divine protection 24/7, grounding, shielding, mindfulness and prayer. Now that I know what it is, and have been delivered out of it, I feel empowered!

Here’s the good news – everything I’ve been through in my life was to learn so I could help others overcome too. If you are experiencing anything you feel is overactive within you mind, I can support you to transform and master your fears with all the metaphysical tools I have learned. For me, I’ve decided that all this energy is either love or fear, nothing more. I choose love!

Breaking Free From Fear

Have you ever noticed that life can be a roller coaster at times? When you are going through a big change in life, things can get hard. Self doubt sets in and you don’t know which way to turn. This has been my life over the past year. I’ve healed the core issue of wanting to give up and new doors have opened. The doors have pointed me in a new direction, a direction I had not even thought about for myself.

The doors that opened led to enrolling in Professional Life, Purpose, and Confidence Coach certification training!

I’ve begun the process of training and as I’ve worked through the modules I realized that I have already been doing this work and didn’t realize it. Spirit lead me here to help me understand that my life experiences provided the training ground of coaching others. I’m learning new tools to use with clients to empower their life and I am grateful. For the first time in my life I cried tears of joy.

In discovering this personal truth I now understand how I can better serve people and animals. I’ve looked back over my spiritual life in a broad overview and noticed that FEAR was running my life, holding me back from so many things I have wanted to accomplish. Fear is what I’m passionate to help people and animals transform so they can live a life of freedom to follow their dreams. Fear has messed with my life so deeply, showing me powerful tools to help you and your pet master anxiety, fear and emotions.

What would you try if you had no fear? That pesky energy can prevent you from making positive changes in your life. Fear limits your potential when it tries to ‘keep you safe.’ Looking at what the fear is can open you up to yourself, your heart, and what you might be missing in life. You gain better understanding of your family, pets, friends, and people in the world around you.

It takes courage to look inside yourself to see the fear hiding there – so I’d like to help you do just that!

Join me for a complimentary workshop:
Thursday, May 17, 2018
6:15 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Breaking Free from Fear
Sacramento Women’s Business Center
1792 Tribute Road, Suite 270
Sacramento, CA 95815

Come learn about your hidden fears that are holding you back through a simple exercise to open your awareness. Fear doesn’t just go away on its own. Fear asks you to Face it, Examine it, And Rise above it. Come gain the courage in a group setting to look at the fears that might be limiting your potential. Hope to see you there!

Register now for your complimentary pass to Breaking Free from Fear!


Courage over Fear

This world has changed greatly since I was a child.

The current state of school shootings has plummeted everyone into fear. I have worked in public education for most of my life as a Communications Assistant in our local school district. I’m on the front lines of internal and external communications with parents, the media, and our community. With each school tragedy over the years, I’ve seen public education sink lower and lower in vibration as fear takes root. It has become common place today that teens in turmoil act out their inner pain against other students. I do not have the answers to this problem, so I pray for healing and answers on how we can change. Kids today are under so much stress at school. They are crying out for help to deaf ears – it’s time for adults to listen.

The most recent tragedy at a Florida high school has created anger inside me – a deep passion that our society needs change. These brave Florida teenagers are taking a stand to bring change to our country. A younger generation is rising up – saying ENOUGH – and we adults need to listen because they are right. Their voices deserve our attention, care, and support.

Danger catapulted into my own local high schools this past week. Two high school lockdowns occurred within a 10 day time period. The first had high school students hiding under desks, blinds closed, doors locked, as police searched the school looking for a reported backpack with a shotgun inside. As these students lay on the floor they took pictures, texted their parents, posted to social media and cried tears of fear. Parents reacted in fear too, calling for information, driving to the school site to watch from a distance. No weapon was found. Fear has invaded everyone’s life. The second event occurred 7 days later – this time with a student being stabbed on campus. Once again, fear expressed through texts and social media as students sheltered in place – in fear. Fear’s ugly grip has hit home. Our office had to respond in real time to these situations to release information to parents, staff and the media – it was chaotic.

I hate fear – I despise fear – I understand fear. To me fear says, Face Everything And Rise!

Having been closer than ever to school terror fuels my desire to help bring change to our society. We cannot stay the course we are on – our children deserve a better life.

My prayer to Spirit is, “How can I help? How can I bring more love to Earth? How can we support and protect all children?” I believe all things are possible through love and change is possible. I’ll let you know what Spirit has to say once I receive that Divine guidance.

UPDATE: The next morning I walked into work with another school shooting occurring in Maryland. This marks the 17th school shooting this year! ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Again my prayers flowed with passion asking Spirit to bring change and protect everyone.

Here is the response I received from Spirit:

“School support is needed by everyone who is willing to help. Love brings the greatest change, meaning when you give love and respect to everyone, regardless of age or background, the world shifts into a higher frequency. You can support schools by being the love that you are – sharing love with others through kind words and actions filled with compassion.

I recognize the desire to want to do more, it burns like a fire inside your heart. The fuel for that fire is your compassion.
When you properly channel that fiery compassion outward you help to bring change.

How do you do this? By coming together and purposefully sending compassionate love out to others. You must come together in unity and stand together to shine the light of love everywhere through the Love BOOM. This will wash away the fear that has developed in the United States in regards to personal and school safety. It will empower those ready to stand up and bring much needed change. The fear energy is currently embedded nationwide, holding people in fear of personal safety. The energy of the Love BOOM will wash this away and instill courage and confidence. I ask you to perform a public Love BOOM for truth, strength and courage to cleanse away fear and Love Will Arise.”

Ok! I have received my marching orders…

I’m excited the Love BOOM can become public where everyone can participate in helping this world to heal through channeling their love and compassion outward to others. The Love BOOM is a world healing technique we use as Padicma Master Healers to assist this world. Each month we send out massive amounts of energy to different situations to shift the energy upward. We have done BOOMs for the flu epidemic, world peace, world hunger, the justice system, the political system, terrorism, pollution, mental health, human trafficking and animal abuse. Each time the BOOM is performed, we intuitively see energy shift to a positive state around the world and even into the universe. More details to come.


For the Love of a Dog

Our dog Odie is an 8-year-old Dachshund/Terrier mix. He has funny little legs with a big round body, though not overweight. Even at this older age with a graying beard he still enjoys playing fetch. Odie is a foodie who loves all food and eats everything, no pickiness in his taste buds. He behaves like a goofy three year old jumping up on your lap when you least expect it (ouch). When I look into his eyes I see a wise old soul. We love our Mr. Odie very much, but life with him has not been easy.

While Odie is loving and kind to us, he is not to other people. Odie is an aggressive barker. He has never bit anyone, but his demeanor when barking is rude to say the least. We do not invite people over to visit us because Odie’s barking is embarrassing. We do not travel as a family because a pet sitter would have a rough time.

As an animal communicator and energy healer I have been working with Odie to quiet his barking for the past five years, a very heartbreaking and frustrating experience.

In talking to Odie with animal communication, I learned about his early life story of abuse at the hands of another human being. Understanding his pain has helped my husband and I to have compassion for his behavior instead of getting angry with him for his excessive barking.

As his pet mom, I want Odie to enjoy his life with us in a happy, loving, carefree way – not live in fear. I worked with him each week, healing his pain of the past so he could forgive and move on with his life. I have the inner faith that Odie would heal into a peaceful life where he trusts other human beings, and this motivates me to keep doing the work. Odie has healed PTSD, abuse trauma, emotional pain, abandonment; feelings of disconnection, fear, anger, rejection, and hatred. He has forgiven and moved forward. I am happy to report that he has healed all of this and so much more. Just this week Odie received deliverance from a demon that had attached in during his abuse as a puppy, infecting his thoughts, causing him continuous fear as an adult, feeding into the excessive barking.

Today as I was thinking about Odie and all we have been through together, I had a light bulb moment.

I realized something important I want to share with all pet parents – something that has completely changed my perspective in life.

The emotional pain your pet is expressing is also inside of you.

Odie has been reflecting to me what I needed to heal inside. I have been doing personal healing work for 10 years, healing all of those same issues! In essence, we were healing in partnership, although I was not aware of it at the time. Now I can see the similarities and understand what Odie has been showing me. This realization is what has inspired the human/animal healing connection that I do with clients.

Like attracts like. When we adopted Odie from the shelter as a puppy, he felt comfortable with me because he felt my energy of the past (that I was not aware of at the time) that mirrored his past experiences. Odie chose me as his guardian so he could help me to heal with him, a huge gift of love.

This reflective process is a gift of unconditional love that your pet provides for your own personal healing.

You might be thinking, “Well my pet doesn’t have any behavior problems and is well adjusted, so I must not have anything to heal.” That may be true – but your pet is still providing to you clues for your own life. Our pets teach us both positive and negative aspects about ourselves.

I wanted to get very clear on this, so I asked my guardian animal angel for the truth about our human and animal relationships.

What she told me blew my mind.

“The animal and human connection runs deep at a soul level. All animals within the Animal Kingdom have an agreement with human beings to support the mortal soul’s evolution and growth through companionship. Animals are teaching through their behaviors and/or illnesses what their family member is holding inside themselves. This is a direct, energetic line of connection between you. It’s time to begin listening to your pet and receive their messages that support your personal growth.”

“Now is the time to understand the powerful unconditional love of your animal teachers and healers who are within your family, neighborhood and wilderness. Every animal you encounter in your life is assisting you in some way. Open your heart to this new relationship with all of life! Allow yourself to see what your pet is asking you to see inside yourself. Create a healing partnership with your pet and heal together and help the world to heal in the process.”

Understanding that spiritual truth shows me why I’ve had so many different animal encounters. I regret not being aware that they were teaching me. Know that I understand how deeply animals care for all of us, I can look for the guidance they provide.

Does your pet shake in fear at the slightest noise? Does your cat hide under the couch when friends come over? Does your dog bark at everything? These types of behaviors are showing you something. All you have to do is ask yourself, “How might this apply to my life? What am I afraid of? Why am I hiding?”

Your pet is your guardian angel and spiritual counselor, showing and teaching you what you need to do or not do in life, if you are willing to listen. Your pet is making personal change easier for you in this way. Life can be challenging – your pet wants to make it easier for you.

Pet behavior problems are one of the top reasons for dogs being surrendered to shelters. Odie’s aggressive barking behavior had us considering this at one time, before we understood the true problem of his pain. We have been courageous in keeping Odie in our family because we love him. We do not give up on our family members. Now that I understand how Odie has been helping me, I am grateful. As I have healed my inner wounds, Odie has too.

Please understand that in order to help your pet to heal you have to be willing to look inside yourself and heal too. You can establish a deep spiritual connection between you so you can heal, transform and grow together – for the love of your pet.

Orion, Animal Ambassador

Today I went with a good friend to Effie Yeaw Sacramento Nature Center to do some hiking. This beautiful park is filled with wildlife to behold. We saw bucks and does, turkeys, turkey vultures, woodpeckers, and many other birds. The whole park is teaming with good vibes alongside the Sacramento River. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Orion, an 8 month old Swainson’s Hawk. This happy fellow says, “I am an ambassador bird here to teach people to love and care for animals. Humans rescued me and helped me to heal. Now I return this gift to all humanity. I say to you Wake Up! Start helping all animals, even the tiny insect. Partner with animals in your life. Shake off personal lies and live your truth.”

Thank you Orion for helping us humans through your service as an ambassador. 

3 Found

Sometimes Spirit asks you to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing. The past 6 weeks I have been receiving lost pet calls from concerned pet parents.

I have done previous lost pet cases that have left me with frustration and self-doubt. One time there were two cats who went missing, and after much physical searching, they suggested I ask them if they were alive. I felt like a fool, as we had just spent an hour searching a field where they said they were. They were not alive. Sometimes I don’t’ understand why I have to learn things the hard way.

These types of lost pet cases have left a sour taste in my mouth. So I made a personal decision  to no longer offer lost pet services.

Well you can guess what happened. Spirit didn’t like that choice I made and brought me three more challenging lost pet cases!

Here’s how Spirit worked to change my perspective about serving lost pets (names have been changed for client privacy):

Case 1 – Sally the Dog
Sally the dog was at the park when a loud noise occurred and she bolted. Her family called and chased after her, but could not find her. When Sally’s mom called we connected with Sally who gave confusing information as her mom searched a neighborhood. Fear muddles up good animal communication, and Sally as terrified.

During our second talk with Sally some new information came through. Sally told us she would be found. That was clear and concise information, and I gained some confidence in the process.

Eight days later she was found.

Case 2 – Big Kitty
Mom was frantic to find Big Kitty who had wandered out the front door. Big Kitty had medicine she needed to take for a health condition. As we spoke with Big Kitty using animal communication she guided us to where she was. Mom had a general vicinity to look in when daylight arrived and Big Kitty assured her mom that she was safe. Big Kitty then intuitively showed me her reunion, being held in her mom’s arms.

A few days later, Big Kitty was found.

Case 3 – A Traveling Cat
Lola the cat was traveling to another country with her mom. Lola got spooked by barking dogs and bolted. Being in a strange city did not help the situation. Lola’s fear was clouding up the animal communication. This case came to me through one of my animal talk students. Together we spoke with Lola and we both felt she was in still at the house where she had run. Lola wasn’t so sure she would be found and she was so scared. Through continued animal talk and community support and prayer,

Lola was found one week later.

These three cases had left me feeling upset. I still did not understand how I was helping the pet parent or the animal with garbled messages from fear. So I cried out in pain and asked Spirit to show me how animal communication helps if I am to do this work of lost pet assistance.

And then I had a light bulb moment. In looking at these 3 found cases I was seeing similarities. The time period for being found all averaged about a week. I realized pet parents are learning an important lesson in faith and trust. I noticed that lost pets are telling me if they will be found, and that information is trustworthy and reassuring for the pet parent. And I understood that the reunion happens only through Divine timing.

Miracles can happen when you pray and ask for greater understanding. Spirit taught me a new perspective through these experiences, and I am grateful. These three found pets are all a miracle!

During this holiday season remember the importance of believing in things you cannot see, allowing yourself to have new experiences to receive new perspectives. There is a greater power at work in all of our lives if we will open our hearts to receive it.

Are you a Negativity Sponge?

Do you feel like you take on the negative energy of others? If you do, know that you are not alone. You come in contact with many people each day. You can sense when someone feels happy or excited, or if they feel sad and depressed. We all can feel it, some people to a greater degree than others. Some people are like a sponge, unable to even grocery shop without taking on the miseries of others. Visiting crowded malls or music concerts can leave you completely drained. How can it be so easy for other people to affect us in a negative way?

First, you must understand everyone is a being of energy, with an energy field that emanates from the body outward to varying depths, the average being three feet. This means when you sit and talk to someone at a table your energy fields are intermingling, which is how you are feeling their negativity. That negative energy that someone else is carrying can interfere with your own energy field, bringing down your vibration and making you feel drained or depressed.

For example, I once had a manager who had narcissistic tendencies. For weeks on end, I would go to work, begin feeling irritated (caused by nothing) and get in a bad mood. This was not how I normally felt when not at work. At the end of the day, my body felt drained, tired and exhausted. I did not understand why I was feeling this way when there was nothing going on in my personal life or work to warrant these feelings. I finally figured out that what I was feeling was not my own. At first this angered me, but I quickly realized this interference of energy was occurring at a subconscious level. Since I became aware of it and my manager was unaware, I figured out that I had to do something to help myself feel better and safer.

Being a negativity sponge is all about you – you do not have to change anyone but yourself.

You can choose to become aware of energy and protect your energy field for greater balance, health and wellbeing.

Tip One – Own Your Energy Field

In our world of energy it is natural that we share our energy with each other. This is true for animals and plants too. All living beings are connected energetically. Issues can arise, however, when unwanted energy interferes in our life. Your energy field belongs to you, is a part of who you are and you have every right to protect yourself from unwanted negative interference. You do not have to take on others negative energy.

Owning your energy means you choose to stand up for yourself and your personal space for your own inner peace and wellbeing. It is a process of self-care, self-love to do this. It does not mean you are pushing others away, you are simply choosing to live free from energy interference that drags you down. Remember that interference from others is happening on a subconscious level – they are not aware they are doing it. See the innocence in everyone and set a personal boundary to keep your energy field healthy.

Action Step:

Awareness of what is going on around you helps you to notice energy interference. Use your awareness to take notice of how you feel before talking to people. As you talk, keep your awareness on how you feel and identify what you are feeling. If you feel different in a negative way, a pushing or pulling or draining of energy, then say, “I set the intention to disconnect and release this energy now – it is not mine.” Become a detective of sorts as you focus on how you feel and if that is you or not. You are discerning your true energy from others energy.

It is an empowering process to take responsibility for your energy field.

When you choose to own your energy and not participate in interference then you will not take on the energy of others. You can respond to others from a higher level where you can feel what someone is feeling without taking on their pain. From this place of compassion, you can give love without compromising yourself in any way.

In the coming weeks you will learn two more tips for reclaiming your energy so you can stop being a negativity sponge and empower your life – plus an exciting announcement.

Remember that love makes all things possible, so get out there and live life!

Guided by Spirit

I’ve learned over the years to always ask for Divine assistance with any issue I face. That includes simple things like choosing what to wear to work or driving the car safely. I do not take this Divine help for granted – gratitude pours through me each day as I realize all the spiritual support I am receiving.

This proved true once again as I traveled to San Diego on a business trip. Before the trip I was guided to purchase the TSA Pre security check so that I could sail through airport security. I did this months ago and I moved through the TSA Pre security side swiftly and easily.

Once arriving in San Diego I ran into some trouble with getting the rental car. The car I was assigned to wasn’t parked in the garage! I got frustrated and attempted to contact the rental car company. Spirit guided me to eat a snack and wait. Fifteen minutes later the car arrived, freshly washed and wet, and my frustration vanished. As the car was all wet, I wished I could wipe down the windows, and my eyes were drawn to a post where a small towel was hanging! I wiped down the car windows and went on my way to the resort. Spirit in action is awesome!

Paradise Point Resort is a gorgeous place with lovely rooms and garden or ocean view patios. I landed in a large room with a patio overlooking a small pond. As I stepped outside I was naturally drawn to a beautiful weeping willow tree, where a small duck was sleeping beneath. I could feel the fairy energy there and asked my angels to connect me. It was the tree that wanted to talk.

Myla the Weeping Willow tree was like a grandmother as she spoke her words of love. You can read about her message here. It became clear that Spirit once again stepped in and got me a room with a reason!

The event I was attending was called the New Media Summit for podcasting. Forty of the top U.S. podcasters were in attendance. We got to spend time with them and get to know them. I went to this event knowing that most of those podcasters would not be interested in my topic of animal communication. During lunch each day, those few podcasters who I thought were a right match ended up sitting next to me – that was Spirit in action making it happen! So, I got to know a couple of them on a personal level.

On Sunday, the 150 attendees were divided into four groups, each group taking a turn to do a 2-minute conversation with each podcaster. This was the first time this event had been done, so as the first group was talking to the podcasters they discovered it was taking longer than 2 minutes. This set the entire day behind schedule. I was in Group 3, schedule to talk with the podcasters at 3:30 p.m. Time ticked away it got closer to 5 p.m. I realized I had to leave for the airport. I was bummed I would miss it and asked Spirit what to do. I was guided to find the woman in charge and see if she’d hand out my media sheet to the podcasters. She walked into the room just as I began walking to the back if the room (Spirit!). I told her my predicament and she actually asked me if I knew specific podcasters I wanted to talk to. I said, “Yes, just two.” She went and found those two podcasters, who both agreed to spend 2 minutes talking to me before group 3 so I could leave for the airport. I walked in the room, introduced myself and my topic, and they both excitedly said, “Your booked!” That was Spirit in action again! Amazed at the magic of it all, I realized Spirit had made this so simple by allowing me to talk to the two podcasters my topic would fit with, and bypass the other 38. Awesome!

As I drove to the airport I got stuck in traffic, and I felt worry start building inside. But Spirit even had that covered, as I drove in the exact lanes to get me straight to the car rental return in record time.

It became a small world when I realized my good friend was also at the airport. I was guided to message and ask her if she was at the airport, and she said yes! It was so delightful to see her in the crowded airport, and soon we were both off on our separate flights to the same destination. Connected by Spirit!

And Spirit just keeps going and going, like the energizer bunny…

Back to work the following week, I walked to my car for lunch. The doors would not unlock. I prayed, “Spirit, can you open the doors?” And the doors magically unlocked. Then the car would not start (battery). I asked, “Spirit, can you start the car?” And the car magically started! I went to lunch and on my way back I stopped and got a new battery installed.

My life is pure magic with Spirit leading the way!

Our Energetic Connections

September 21, 2017

Never before have I noticed the deep connections we all have with all of life. This past weekend I attended the New Media Summit in San Diego, an event for podcasters to meet other podcasters and obtain bookings.

The magic happened when I arrived at my hotel room at the Paradise Point Resort. The patio overlooked looked a small pond with a lovely weeping willow tree. I felt drawn to this tree and asked if I could speak to her.  She agreed, so I introduced myself and learned her name was Myla. As we talked I could feel such deep love for this world. An old wise soul, Myla provided a message based in this love:

“We are all connected to each other and our ancestors. This is why our world is currently rumbling with pain from the past today. You know of what I speak – racism, bigotry, hatred, all deeply woven into the web of life on Earth.”

“It falls on your shoulders to make new choices in order to heal the pain of the past. How? When you face a situation of hatred, make a choice to confront it peacefully, not feeding into the pain with more hatred. If you think hateful thoughts, recognize those thoughts and reframe them into positive ones.”

“In order for this world to become more peaceful YOU must be that inside yourself. When you can finally achieve this new way of being alive, the world shifts, changes and heals along with you.”

“Stop and realize that your life is powerful! Look inside, love yourself and that inner love will expand outward into the world, healing the world.”

“Love is the most important energy of all and you hold this inside yourself. Love is all we are.”

This brought tears to my eyes. My connection with this tree spirit was just like my human and animal connections. Those connections are energetic in nature, in human beings, in animals, in water, in air, in Earth. Her words are profound and I will take heed in my own life with this message of love. Thank you Myla!


Divine Timing

Are you familiar with the term Divine timing? It means that instead of rushing into doing something, you pause and ask to be guided at the right time in doing something. It can be a challenging process if you are used to charging forward in life and getting things done. Trusting the Divine to provide you the right moment to call someone, or send an important email or make an important decision, requires surrendering the outcome to your angels.

Sometimes when you want something in life it’s better to let the Divine handle it. We cannot always know all the pieces involved. Allowing for Divine timing creates inner peace as you trust everything is being handled for the highest outcome for everyone involved. It’s about trust!

Think about what you want to accomplish in life. Would it make it easier for you to allow Divine timing?  If you are struggling with anything in life, ask for Divine assistance and watch for animal guidance to help you reach your goals so you can relax and enjoy life.

Every step in your journey is leading you to where you are supposed to be.