Values and Ethics in Animal Communication and Healing

Honored and practiced by Suzanne Thibault


  • To respect all living species as sentient with feelings, emotions and desires;
  • To honor the animal’s spirit by communicating with love;
  • To work in harmony and integrity with the animals and their guardians;
  • To care for animals and their companions with humility, trust, compassion and unconditional love;
  • To restore through education our natural, human ability to communicate with all species of animals and wild life;
  • To develop interspecies communication knowledge and understanding via the dynamics of human, spiritual, and animal behaviors and relationships;
  • To work in partnership with veterinarians and animal care specialists to foster health and well-being for the animals and their guardians;
  • To embrace that all healing comes from Spirit with no expectations or preconceived outcomes.
  • To inspire the sacred nature of our partnership with the animal kingdom to others;
  • To commit to healing from the inside out, knowing that personal healing helps to bring about healing for others, including animal family members;
  • To promote, protect, and advocate for the lives of all animals;
  • To uphold the right of wild animals to live in their natural habitats;
  • To support no kill pet shelters and wild animal sanctuaries;
  • To respect the privacy of animals and their guardians with confidentiality.


A Free Mini-Course!

A Free Mini-Course!

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