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Having a conversation about fear can bring greater understanding to your life.

Your Soul has a unique viewpoint on your life. When you give voice to your inner wisdom, it changes your life for the better. Fears begin healing when they are seen and understood. Awareness is the catalyst that begins the healing process.

No one has to suffer with fear. Fear is an energy that can really throw you off balance if left unchecked. If you feel you are emotionally struggling in achieving what you want, then you would benefit from this Clear the Fear Discovery Session. We won’t just talk about fear, you will energetically heal one fear into personal truth. We will look inside your energy field and obtain Soul guidance and pet guidance, if necessary, for a profound transformation.

Suzanne has an extensive background in resolving fear with Padicma Inner Core Healing. We will discuss a return to balance for you so you gain clarity on moving forward. We will talk about what you feel is holding you back and energetically clear one fear. You will experience the power of Padicma energy and leave the session with greater clarity and awareness.

Register for a free Clear the Fear Discovery Session

We’ll meet live in person or via phone or Zoom video conferencing and:

  • Hold a Soul conversation to discuss fear and include your pet if you have one;
  • Gain understanding of what fear is trying to tell you;
  • Develop clarity on the fear hiding inside you and heal it;
  • Learn how you can heal alongside your pet for rapid transformation;
  • Leave the session feeling re- energized, knowing what to do next.

Who Should Schedule a Clear the Fear Discovery Session?
This session IS for you if:

  • You have been struggling with fear.
  • You have a burning fire inside you that wants to find out what’s going on.
  • You want to get unstuck and move forward in bringing healing to your life and your relationships.

Who Should NOT Schedule a Clear the Fear Discovery Session?
This session is NOT for you if:

  • You are too stuck in fear to take a leap of faith.
  • You are willing to live with your life the way it is.
  • You are just looking for some intuitive advice.

Let’s talk!
Schedule your free Clear the Fear Discovery Session with Suzanne Thibault, Founder of the Padicma Advanced Healing Systems for people and pets. If you’re ready to make a breakthrough, then register for this complimentary session, valued at $197. 

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A Free Mini-Course!

A Free Mini-Course!

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