Happening each month from the comfort of your home.

Come experience a healing journey in partnership with your ancestors who can help you access information that has been lost and provide wisdom that is timelessly important for your life and today’s world. This connection is especially important if you have struggled with your immediate family relationships, as you can heal issues from the past for a better life. 

You will:

  • Be guided into your ancestral lineage to meet, greet and heal.
  • Experience healing of the core ancestral issue for you, your family, ancestors and pets.
  • Discover how lineage healing with Padicma energy releases the generational ties of the past bringing positive change to your life and the world.

Your ancestors have each contributed something that has made you uniquely who you are today. Their wisdom and perspective can enhance and heal your current life experience. Your ancestors team up with you in this healing through genetics and spirit to participate in this time of remarkable evolution and transformation.

As you participate and experience this healing you are helping your extended family, pets, ancestors, and the world to heal. It is spiritual law that when one person commits to personal healing, their healing benefits everyone in the family to heal too.

Lineage Healing Live is an online/phone group healing session via Zoom Video Conferencing/phone. Those who attend live will participate in and experience the healing of ancestral wounding. A new issue will be addressed each month.

You hold the key to unlock the past and set yourself free with Lineage Healing Live!

Questions? Please contact Suzanne here.

Join Us – Wednesday, January 31, 2017, from 7:30 – 8:15 p.m. PST

Turning Self Doubt into Self Confidence

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Full Moon, Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse

Join us for Lineage Healing Live on this highly energetic evening of a rare full moon, blue moon, and total lunar eclipse trifecta! We will ride the waves of the moon’s energies into a new life. These energies are embraced by the sign Leo which will help you to unleash self-confidence, embrace your inner passion and step over fear. The next six months will be filled with these energies assisting in bringing more love, passion, creativity and play into life.

Self-doubt is that annoying little voice inside the mind that attempts to stop you from moving forward on your dreams and desires. No one needs that type of self-deception going on. The energies we are living in right now are urging each of us to step up and proclaim your message and mission with confidence!

Lineage Healing Live will take you to the core issue of self-doubt that is held by our ancestors and bring healing for everyone, so your self-confidence can shine. We will also do a meditation for chakra cleansing with the Moon.

You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity of energetic re-balancing with your family lineage and the special energies of the moon trifecta.

The Zoom video conferencing link/phone number will be provided to you upon registration. The non-refundable, but extendable, registration fee is $11.11, a gift from me to you! It is offered this way with the intention to assist everyone to heal and grow, including your ancestors, family members and pets.

Registration for Lineage Healing Live


A Free Mini-Course!

A Free Mini-Course!

Stop worrying about your pets and start communicating with them!

This free course will set you on track to understanding what your pet is trying to tell you. It features three easy to learn and implement techniques so you can begin sending and receiving messages with your pet.