LB-Graphic3As an energy worker, have you ever wished you could provide energy healing to everybody as a gift? Then here’s your chance! Introducing the Love Blast Healing System™, a big-hearted way to provide energy healing to the world. This philanthropic healing system provides high vibrational healing energy blanketed over a wide area. How is this possible? Please read the Q&A below:


What is the Love Blast Healing System™?
Used with the highest intention, the Love Blast Healing System™ blankets an area with healing energy in an easy and powerfully big way. It allows energy healers to literally burst love energy through their energy field out to others. This is performed in teamwork with an Angelic team of 23 Angels and 3 Faeries, utilizing the five elements of air, water, fire, earth and spirit. The energy itself comes from Divine Spirit and is channeled through the energy healer. The Love Blast Healing System™ is an exciting way to bring healing energies to others in a philanthropic way.

Q: How does the energy feel to channel?
The energy feels very warm and loving in a strong, powerful way. Depending on the size of the blast, you can break out in a full body sweat. You enter a state of bliss when doing the blast, as your own energy field connects with the Love Blast™ energy. Each time you perform a blast you mentally stand in awe as to what has just occurred. It can be a humbling experience to know that you have channeled so much healing energy to others.

Q: How is the Love Blast™ performed?
The energy healer is the channel for the Love Blast Healing System™. It is activated by the compassion in your heart. The actual energy force of the Love Blast™ is generated by the Angelic team and sent through you with the highest intent. Healing energy is blasted through your energy field and moves outward to others. It brings healing to you on a personal level and all living things in the path of the energy. Your Angelic team guides you every step of the way.

Q: Where do you perform a Love Blast™?
A: A Love Blast™ can be performed anytime, anywhere. This healing system is not conventional in that it requires a one-on-one session with a recipient. Instead, you channel the energy for everyone, all living things, in different locations. You may be at home, in a grocery store, a department store, out hiking in nature, at a movie, at a sports game, at a concert, at work, at a wedding, in a hospital, on vacation – it has endless possibilities.

Q: How does the Love Blast Healing System™ help others to heal?
Once the energy is released it blankets a large area with healing energy. Living things in the path of the energy are not consciously aware of the energy moving through them. In other words, they will not feel the energy unless they are highly sensitive to feeling energy shifts. Healing occurs at the soul level in that the soul decides what to heal.

Q: Why do you need Divine assistance?
The Love Blast™ can only be performed with Divine assistance. The sheer amount of energy that is moved during a Love Blast™ can only be generated from Divine Source. You are simply a facilitator. You are the eyes and ears on Earth, reporting to the Kingdom of Heaven requesting to be of service in a big way.

Q: How strong is the Love Blast™?
A: A Love Blast™ can be small or large, covering anywhere from a household to a football stadium in size/range with healing energy. A professional football stadium can hold 80,000 people – that’s a whole lot of healing going on! It also means the Angelic power generated to move the energy that far and wide is enormous.

Q: What is the Love BOOM™?
A: A coordinated blast with three people creates the Love BOOM™, which has the energy equivalent of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on the Moment Magnitude Scale. The BOOM’s energy amount far exceeds the energy of a lightning bolt, an atomic bomb, or a volcanic eruption. A coordinated Love BOOM™ range with three blasters can cover the continent of Africa. It has infinite possibilities! We work together to decide what situation would most benefit from a Love BOOM™, pray about it, and come together in unity to perform one – sending this energy anywhere in the world. The Love BOOM™ is helping this entire world to heal.

Q: How does the Love Blast Healing System™ training work?
A: This training is included in the Padicma Advanced Healing Systems training. There is an activation process to three symbols within your energy field and connect you to the five elements. Once activated, you will be a “Love Blaster” for life. It is 8 hours of training which takes place on a Saturday. Training also includes Padicma advanced energy healing techniques for working safely with dark energy.

Q: Why would I want to be a “Love Blaster?”
A: Love Blasters are a unique team of people who are warriors of love. They are Earth Angels who not only want to heal themselves; they want to help everyone to heal, and are not sure how they can do it. This system is for people who want to bring healing energy to thousands of people, Animals and the Earth. If you have a passion to be a healer without conditions, on a humanitarian level, then this is for you. Working in teamwork with your Angels in being of service brings grace into your life. You only need a willingness to channel the energy for others. If you feel drawn to become a Love Blaster, then you signed up for it before coming to Earth. Each of us assembled our Angelic team of 26 before incarnating here on Earth. You will know in your heart that this healing system is for you.

As a “Love Blaster,” you also reap the benefits of experiencing accelerated personal healing on all levels. Your commitment to provide this gift of healing to the world reciprocates in your own life in profound ways. It is a blissful experience!

To view the training course information, click here.

Questions? Please contact me for more information or call 916-426-8068.

Bright blessings!
Suzanne Thibault


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