By Suzanne Thibault, Emissary of the Animal Kingdom

Messages of the Wild provides a voice to the wild kingdoms of Earth. Any living element of Earth can voice their messages of love to humanity through Suzanne Thibault, spiritual emissary representing the Kingdom of Earth’s animal, plant, tree, and elemental beings.

We are co-creating a new world where all living beings work together toward a healthy and harmonious Earth. Our kinsfolk of the Earth want to walk together with us into our new future, with unconditional love, open minds and clear intentions. They have inspirational messages of love for all humanity to assist this process.

Animals, trees and plants have been of service to humanity since time began, providing us with food, clothing, shelter, tools, love, companionship, healing, wisdom, inspiration, and guidance. Their messages of love convey their hopes and dreams for a shift in humanity’s thinking about how we treat the animals and the nature kingdom on Earth. They ask us to open our hearts, see the spirit inside each living animal, plant, tree, mountain, and blade of grass. Every living thing on Earth has a soul, feelings, hopes and dreams for this world. They wish to work in partnership with us to heal our bodies, the waterways, the food supply, our minds and hearts. They ask us to care for the Earth and all living beings, as we are all connected as one.

Mission: To receive the messages of the wild and broadcast them out to all humanity for greater understanding and awakening of all. To learn directly from the animals and nature elementals about their hopes and dreams in order to gain a deeper understanding of them and to share their perspectives with the world.

• We respect all living beings and species as sentient beings with a soul, emotions and a destiny.
• We agree to honor their spirits, keep them safe, and communicate love to all.
• We believe it is the birthright of all wild animals to live freely in places that support their well-being.
• We take responsibility for Earth’s current condition and work to bring about positive change.
• We ask forgiveness of the Earth and help in her healing.
• We work in harmony with these kingdoms to bring deep peace among all living beings.
• We choose to care for plants and animals with humility, trust, compassion, and unconditional love.
• We honor our interspecies relationships based upon mutual understanding, service, stewardship, cooperation and love.
• We are dedicated to fulfilling the animal/human sacred bond of unconditional love during this time of ascension, in support of the evolution of all life.


Animal Messages

June 13, 2018

Raccoon Is Rescued Atop Building In Minnesota, After Capturing Fans Worldwide

“My name is Rosey and I love life! My message to you human beings is to lighten UP and enjoy life more. Life is an adventure. Get out there and explore new things and see new possibilities for your life. Get outside more and enjoy the sunshine. You only get one life, so live it, love it, play it, enjoy it!”

April 9, 2018

Message from the Goats

A Message from the Goats: This story said the goats were not talking, lol, but they are! These two goat are on a mission. Their message to us human beings: “Follow the path of your heart’s desires with no fear. No matter which direction your go, there is always help available and you do not have to go it alone.”

February 22, 2018

Message from Loosa the Gray Whale in Mexico

Message from Loosa the Gray Whale: “My story is simple. I needed help and human beings helped me. THIS is the way of the Earth – helping each other, no matter size, color, or species. We are all here to do this, and I and all gray whales support human beings by raising the positive vibration of the ocean which affects every living being. We whales are positive thinkers and peaceful warriors of love. See the strong connection you have with all of life and embrace it! Help animals you see in need and allow your love to shine brightly to others. “

October 15, 2017

Message from the Penguins of East Antartica

Message from the Penguins of East Antartica: (feeling deep saddness) “We have lost all our babies! We emplore the people of Earth to see the global warming and it’s impact on wildlife – PLEASE! The ice here has melted, broken into the waters where we fish, causing us to travel long distances from our families to find food. To far away! We could not make it back in time to feed our babies. Do not blame yourselves – instead take action to change and correct the damage that has been done to our climate. We consider this an extinction event – our hearts are broken. PLEASE change your ways and heal this world and provide us protection. Wild animals deserve better and each of you can make it better for everyone in the world by caring for this Earth and her resources. Thank you.”

September 21, 2017

Message from Myla, Weeping Willow Tree
Meet Myla, a beautiful Weeping Willow Tree at Paradise Point Resort in San Diego. Today I spoke with Myla, ancient soul, who has a powerful message for humanity:

“We are all connected to each other and our ancestors. This is why our world is currently rumbling with pain from the past today. You know of what I speak – racism, bigotry, hatred, all deeply woven into the web of life on Earth.”

“It falls on your shoulders to make new choices in order to heal the pain of the past. How? When you face a situation of hatred, make a choice to confront it peacefully, not feeding into the pain with more hatred. If you think hateful thoughts, recognize those thoughts and reframe them into positive ones.”

“In order for this world to become more peaceful YOU must be that inside yourself. When you can finally achieve this new way of being alive, the world shifts, changes and heals along with you.”

“Stop and realize that your life is powerful! Look inside, love yourself and that inner love will expand outward into the world, healing the world.”

“Love is the most important energy of all and you hold this inside yourself. Love is all we are.”



September 19, 2017

Photo by

1,000 Goats Gobble Grass in Elk Grove

Goats came to visit my neighborhood today, so I asked them if they had a message. Here’s what they said:

“We Goats wish you all well, because life is good in the sun! We are here to help you have a safe area and we appreciate all the delicious food in return for our work. It’s a partnership between animals and humans for the betterment of all. Think about that – how can you partner with an animal and bring change to this world? We love you!”



June 9, 2017

Photo by Amy Hollyfield, ABC 7 News

Horses safe after escaping corral in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

Buck the white horse says, “Get out and enjoy life more! Stop sitting in front of the TV, get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, go for a gallop, and have fun!”





April 24, 2017

Police Pick Up Adorable Intruders: A Pair of Pygmy Goats

Louis and Mowgli’s message: “We tell you to wake up and enjoy life! If you feel lost, there is always help available, just look around you. Life is for living, not hiding. You are surrounded by love even if you do not feel it. Open your heart to new possibilities and watch your life transform! Bring enjoyment back into your life and start living again.”

Police Pick Up Adorable Intruders: A Pair of Pygmy Goats


April 17, 2017

The Bison state: “Our return to Banff National Park signifies a return home – and show’s you to return home to your heart. When you are at home in your heart, you shall not want, for your inner love awaits to fulfill you.”…/bison-return-banff-national-park-fo…


January 13, 2017

Flooding forces rare deer into public’s eye

White deer’s message: You notice me because I am white, a different color from my family. Yet am I not still a deer? Am I not still the same as my family, except for my outside color? Yes, I am the same on the inside as all other deer. The racism in human society is a lie when spoken. You are different colors on the outside but the same on the inside. Please realize this truth and end racism.

September 16, 2016

Deer shocks surfers after running into ocean during team tryouts

Surfers at Salt Creek in Dana Point got a shock on Thursday morning, when a deer rushed into the ocean during the Dana Hills surf team tryouts — barely missing a collision with one of the surfers taking a wave.

Sheila the Deer message: “It’s time to frolic and have fun. Those surfers needed to bring play into their tryouts. There was too much stress, so I brought in play energy. Please set stress aside and allow more play into your life. It’s easy, just do it. No, I didn’t steal that from Nike. Thank you!”

July 7, 2016

Bear and cat message-


















June 29, 2016

















June 24, 2016Pine trees



June 21, 2016


June 12, 2016Be stillto hearthe Animal'sMessages




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