Training and Healing Programs

The programs available here at Soul Safari are geared towards your spiritual journey in partnership with your animal family and wild animals. In walking through life with your animal companions you grow spiritually, as animals teach us so many things we if just take notice.

We love our pets and want only the best for them. When health or behavioral issues rise up, our concerns can lead us on a wild goose chase looking for answers. There is a more direct route to getting the answers you need – by talking directly to your pet. When you choose to help your animals through communication you are fast tracking answers for everyone’s well being. It’s a spiritual journey of love.

Animal communication is a life changing tool available here for you and your animal companions. It re-balances relationships, heals wounds, and helps behaviors improve. Helping your animals to heal is an avenue for you to spiritually grow, becoming a healer to help yourself, your family and your animals to heal. You can also find personal healing tools here, to ignite your personal healing and spiritual growth. You can learn to speak the animal’s language, know what they want and need, help them to heal, and transform your own life in the process through animal guidance.

If you are a spiritual seeker passionate in wanting to support your animal’s health and well-being while helping yourself too, we invite you to explore what is available here for your Divine transformation while helping your animal companions.


Pet Communication 101

Stop worrying about your pets and start communicating with them! 

This free course will set you on track to understanding what your pet is trying to tell you. It features three easy to learn and implement techniques so you can begin sending and receiving messages with your pet.

Did I mention that it’s free?! 

Our pets are talking to us all the time in hopes that we will hear them. If you are willing to listen you can develop a deeper relationship with your pet.

The Pet Communication 101 mini-course features four modules that will take less than one hour to complete. 

And yes, it really is FREE!


Animal Intuitive Talk Training – Register Now!

Learn a remarkably simple and powerful system of accessing intuitive messages from your pets.

Discover more information about this transformational course at Animal Intuitive Talk Training.





Spiritual Self-Defense System Training

The Spiritual Self-Defense System is your ultimate spiritual protection toolkit. You will learn powerful spiritual self-defense tools to protect yourself and clear those unwanted energies. This course will teach you spiritual countermeasures to energy interference from others, how to protect yourself, your home, your work space, how to release negative energy that is not yours, banish energy and entity attachments, and close negative energy vortexes.


Padicma Energy Healing System™
for People and Pets

Learn a simple, powerful energy healing system that brings core healing to you and your pets. Learn step by step techniques for healing health and behavioral issues.

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Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™

The Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™ includes the Love Blast Healing System™ and the Padicma Energy Healing System™. These two systems are different only in delivery – Padicma is for self-healing for you, your family and pets; the Love Blast is philanthropic in nature to bring healing to the world.

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Inner Core Healing Program

Inner Core Healing is a personal, 1×1 energy healing program with Suzanne to transform your mental, physical and emotional wounding along with your family lineage for a better life.

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Check out this FREE mini course!

Here’s a free gift!

Here’s a free gift!

The 3 Tips for Pet Talk ebook includes:

• The three foundational tools used in talking to animals that will connect you and your pet on a deeper level;
• Animal guidance for your own spiritual growth and healing;
• The three easy steps you can put into practice to begin talking to pets right now.

Download your free copy now!