Inner Core Healing Program

As you journey down the road of life sometimes roadblocks show up that take you off course of your dreams and desires. Those bumps in the road are saying, “Hey, look at me and heal me!” If we ignore these signs then the road gets rougher until we crash. With Inner Core Healing we work together to clear the roadblocks and get you back on course.

Inner Core Healing helps you personally transform mental, physical and emotional wounding for a better life. Core issues that are commonly held include feelings of abandonment, betrayal, shame, despair, rejection, lack, or trauma. A core wounding occurs during a soul’s incarnate lifetime when a trauma of some sort occurs, often in childhood when we are most vulnerable. The energy of the perceived trauma becomes trapped in the energy field and affects you as an adult.

There is also past life and family lineage wounding at the core. If a soul cannot overcome the trauma during a lifetime, the energy carries forward in the DNA, passed on to the next generation and lifetime. In this way, you can be carrying past life and family lineage trauma that affects your current life as blocks in the way.

Inner Core Healing works energetically at the level of the DNA to provide deep healing for you, your extended family, and your pets. It’s a virtual party bus of healing for everyone connected to the offending energy! When you heal from the core, you heal in a powerful way.

Inner Core Healing works at a cellular level within the body to move you upwards in frequency in alignment with love. It gently but powerfully washes away the blocks to reveal a new, improved life. Relationships heal, bringing about inner peace and understanding about your life and why things are the way they are. You become more aware of the road signs you encounter each day and empower yourself with new perspectives. You easily move past the roadblocks and travel down the right road towards inner fulfillment.

Inner Core Healing is a catalyst which can shift your current life situation, emotions and behaviors into a free-flowing life of Divine ease and grace. Please contact Suzanne for more information.

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Here’s a free gift!

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