Padicma is energetic healing of the body, heart, mind and soul of people, animals and the entire Earth. It heals at the core, bringing complete healing to the body, heart and mind.

The Padicma Energy Healing Systems™ and the Love Blast Healing System™ are a part of the Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™. These two systems are different only in delivery – Padicma is for self-healing and the healing of others; the Love Blast is philanthropic in nature.



This course includes…

  • Advanced spiritual tools for health, home and family
  • Entity removal that completely dissolves all entities
  • Discover the false spiritual realm to avoid deception
  • Empower your healing abilities and serve others
  • Learn to work safely with low level energy
  • Progressive practices in working with diseases and illness
  • The role of emotions on health issues
  • Includes activation to the Love Blast Healing System™ for global healing

To learn more…

A Free Mini-Course!

A Free Mini-Course!

Stop worrying about your pets and start communicating with them!

This free course will set you on track to understanding what your pet is trying to tell you. It features three easy to learn and implement techniques so you can begin sending and receiving messages with your pet.