Why are you here in this lifetime? If you feel an inner yearning for a more meaningful life, that is your Soul calling out to you. Your Soul is on a spiritual journey of discovery. Sometimes we get stuck, unsure which way to turn or what road to take. The Soul Journey Discovery Map™ helps to chart your course and develop greater understanding of your life. You discover more about yourself, who you are as a Soul and what you want to accomplish in this lifetime.

The Soul Journey Discovery Map™ is an exclusive technique of mapping out the importance of your life. The map is created during the session to chart your course with intuitively guided action steps you can implement to move you forward in life. During this session we will speak directly to your Soul to learn action steps you can take now to help guide your way.

During this session you will:

  • Learn your Soul theme, archetype, origin and essence
  • Ask detailed questions to gain clarity on any area of your life
  • Receive Soul guided action steps that you can put into action
  • Meet your Angelic guides who are supporting you

You will be empowered into a deeper remembering of who you truly are.
Imagine how much easier life will be through this clarity of connecting to your Soul.

If you feel unfulfilled or stuck, then the Soul Journey Discovery Map™ will provide you with a better perspective on what might need changing. You will walk away with a greater understanding of yourself, your life, and your journey so you can begin manifesting what you really want.

Suzanne is a Spiritual Life Coach and Padicma Advanced Master Healer who connects intuitively to your Soul to receive in-depth information about your life. She then draws the information on a map to guide your personal journey. Sometimes we all need help in finding our way. The information you receive from your Soul is profound, allowing you to transform your life through personal truth.

This 30 minute session is done over the phone or Zoom Video Conferencing, as Suzanne can connect to spirit anywhere in the universe. She will draw the map details as she speaks to you live on the phone and with your Soul. The session will be audio recorded and available on Dropbox to download for greater integration of the information.

Now is the time to discover who you really are so you can move forward into living a rewarding life. Register now for Soul Journey Discovery Map™ and learn your truth!

The investment in discovering and understanding your life is $99.

Yes! Soul Journey Discovery Map 

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A Free Mini-Course!

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