Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™ Training Programs

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Level 1: Padicma Energy Healing System™ Training Program

Is your spiritual path leading you towards becoming an energy healer? Or, are you currently an energy healer wishing there was a more powerful healing system available? Padicma is the most powerful frequency energy on Earth, brought to us by Christ. Padicma’s frequency is that of Great Spirit’s unfailing love, so powerful that it rapidly clears away dark energy creating profound healing for people and animals. This advanced course is for those who are looking for a healing system that creates life-changing healing. It teaches you how to safely work with dark energy, including viruses, diseases, chronic illness, and emotional pain. Padicma is a part of the world’s ascension process.

Padicma Advanced Energy Healers help to facilitate miracles with this energy. Padicma is for those who are committed to their own personal healing and the healing of family, friends, animals and the world. Padicma energy works on the level of our DNA to heal both the energetic and physical bodies at a molecular level. It brings new benefits and techniques in working with energy, in higher dimensions and increased intuitive abilities.

What makes Padicma unique is that during the process of a Padicma Energy Healing Session, the false ego is removed so that the healer and those receiving the healing are equals, even when doing self-healing. This creates a profound healing experience as the mind cannot interfere in the healing process. Those receiving the Padicma energy are connected directly to the Creator, and by voicing their intention to heal, it becomes so.

As a healer, Padicma surrounds you in love in a powerful way so you feel safe in clearing away anything you could imagine finding in a person’s energy field, including dark entities. Padicma is intuitive, guiding you as a healer to what is needed in healing for yourself and others. You can actually feel dark energy with your hands within an energy field. Padicma can shape shift into useful objects, such as a net, to corral dark energy and contain it for healing. Dark energy cannot escape with Padicma.

Are you ready to become an advanced energy healer? This course is not for those who want to dabble with energy. Padicma is for those who want to experience bold transformation in their own health and well-being as well as for helping others.

To become a Padicma Advanced Energy Healer you begin with becoming activated to the Padicma energy through Level 1: Padicma Energy Healing System™ Training. You will learn all about the human energy field (chakra system) and how to heal mental, emotional, and physical pain for both yourself and animals.  You the have the option of progressing into Level 2: Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™ Master Training where you will learn exclusive techniques to safely clear unseen energy, entities, diseases, inner child pain, family lineage issues, remote healing, world healing and much, much more.

Course Content
This foundational course covers everything you need to know about energy healing for yourself and others, including:

  • The Chakra System and the Human Energy Field
  • The Padicma Energy Healing System™
  • Two sacred symbols’ meaning and purpose
  • How to use the symbols in healing for yourself and others
  • Hand positions for self-healing and healing for others
  • The Padicma Net
  • How to perform a Distance session for worldwide situations
  • Unity Bubble creation
  • Intuition Development
  • Working with Angels
  • Body Talk to improve your health
  • Personal responsibilities in energy healing

Level 2: Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™ Master Training

The Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™ Master Training course is geared to take you quickly into the advanced world of energy healing where learn to work safely as a healer in upper spiritual dimensions with all sorts of energies.  You’ll learn how to safely clear away entities, work in upper spiritual dimensions, how to serve others with inner core healing work. 

The transformational healing properties of Padicma energy have had miraculous results in healing thyroid dysfunction, bone fractures, asthma, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD, viruses, physical pain, nerve pain and so much more. You name it, Padicma can transform it. Padicma is ending the struggle in life by healing that which is no longer needed in life.

You will learn exclusive, advanced healing techniques through Padicma Omni-Dimensional Healing™ where you safely work in upper spiritual dimensions and locate the core issue. You will find that your intuitive channels open even wider with this training, allowing you to speak to dark energy held in someone’s energy field. You will also intuitively speak to body organs to ask what they need in healing.

Ready to become a Love Blaster? You will, through the activation process of the Love Blast Healing System™ , a three step sacred ceremony. We will study this philanthropic healing system and how it works to bring so much healing energy to this world. Learn about your role in the Love Blast™ and Love BOOM™ and how it functions.

You’ll be fully supported as a Padicma Advanced Energy Healer through membership in the Facebook secret Love Blast Alliance group and the Padicma Healing Network group for personal help in healing and unity. Plus a monthly meet-up for Padicma healers and energy healing sessions!

Level 2 Course Content
This advanced training course will skyrocket you straight into professional healing:

  • Work safely with dark energy and entities
  • Energetically working with illness, disease and viruses
  • Virus shielding and removal
  • The role of emotions on health issues
  • Mind digging for getting to the core issue
  • Exclusive Padicma Omni-Dimensional Healing™ technique
  • Advanced practices in working with diseases and illnesses
  • Remote healing methods (serve anyone, anywhere in the world)
  • Activation to the Love Blast Healing System™
  • Perform your first Love BOOM in class!

Class sizes are small to allow for strong student/teacher interaction. The training is in-person, hands-on and fun! We will not be sitting around studying the manual – we will be actively learning and flowing Padicma. A follow-up meeting will be held to anchor your learning and confidence. You can also attend monthly Padicma gatherings for continued integration, healing and support.

You will receive Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™ certification upon completion of training, knowing how to heal yourself and others in a professional way. Includes a gorgeous certificate you can proudly display.

You can register for this class by paying the entire class fee of $697 (includes the $200 non-refundable registration fee) or by paying through financing with a $200 deposit. Details posted when class has been scheduled.

Questions? Please contact me anytime, I’m happy to chat.


What Students are Saying…

Annette F. – “Padicma has changed my life in a dramatic way. After receiving the activation the love that poured through me was amazing. I don’t think there are words in the human language to describe it. I am amazed at how easily I can feel the Padicma energy coming through how efficiently I feel blockages in people and animals. Any doubts about my ability to heal are gone. My intuition is much stronger. I am very excited about where this energy is going to take all life on this planet! If you have the opportunity to take this course, don’t hesitate. It will change your life in amazing ways.”

Janice H. – “Thank you! This class not only taught the Padicma energy healing and also included in-depth information about energy, chakras, auras, crystals, intuition, angelic guides, and much more…  After receiving the Padicma activation everyone in our class was able to feel and work with the low level energies found during practicing healing sessions. You have opened up a new way of living for me. The possibilities are endless!”

Janna A. – “I feel this training course is comprehensive! This in-depth energy training and Suzanne’s guidance gave me the ability to feel the differences in a person field. Padicma is alive, warm, full of light and loving. It is different than Reiki in a powerful way.”

Joy H. – “The Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™ training class was a wonderful experience!  As a group we were able to use the skills we learned with ability to sense and communicate with dark energy, so it was validating when as a group, we experienced similar intuitive guidance and were able to compare ideas with each other during a Padicma Omni-Dimensional Healing™ practice session. Being activated to the Love Blast Healing System™ gave me great hope of being able to assist the Earth and its inhabitants by sending out the greatest gift one can receive – The Energy of Love. I look forward to when I will be called to be a vessel for this gift.”

Here is student Cat B.’s first experience with performing a Love Blast™:
“I had gone to visit my best friend at his work late one night at a restaurant, and all of the employees there were having an exceptionally difficult shift. The atmosphere was stressful and I could feel how my friend was struggling to control his anger and irritation.  I was sitting in my usual booth and was reflecting on being grateful that I had “prepped” myself with the Love Blast symbols for use if needed that morning.  Within the next ten minutes, the energy seemed to reach it’s peak and the energy burst. It felt like being in the spot where the sun beams down on as soon as there is a break in the clouds, and that light energy radiated out so softly and subtly into the restaurant that no one but me noticed that all of a sudden, things were calmer, and working out without problems. Amazing and beautiful!”

Here is my take on a Love BOOM event for World Hunger:
Four Love Blasters visited Jackson, CA with the intention of doing a Love BOOM for world hunger. We hiked through a beautiful meadow and into a grove of trees near a waterfall. We could feel the energy of the water, trees and nature kingdom surrounding us and supporting us. Here is where would perform a Love BOOM for world hunger. Standing together we began the Love BOOM event. The energy swirled around us in a vortex, blasting outward. Through our intuition we saw the energy split into lines and travel everywhere in the world where starvation was a problem. We saw children in Africa eating corn, smiling. We saw other locations receiving the energy, like points of light on a map. We saw the energy then travel into the Earth, moving along the ley lines within the Earth, and Mother Earth smiled at us. The energy worked to heal the soil and waters in different locations around the world. As the energy began dissipating, our Angelic teams told us that the energy had helped 3 million people with hunger, which brought tears to our eyes. We were then guided to do our own part in helping those who are hungry by looking into our hearts to see how we could personally help. It was a vision of each person helping another, in community and unity. It was a magical, loving experience.

A Free Mini-Course!

A Free Mini-Course!

Stop worrying about your pets and start communicating with them!

This free course will set you on track to understanding what your pet is trying to tell you. It features three easy to learn and implement techniques so you can begin sending and receiving messages with your pet.